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When a plant grows in response to a stimulus, it is referred to as _______________.
a) photosynthesis
b) respiration
c) tropism
d) turgor pressure

If a plant grows toward a light source, then it is said to be displaying ____________?
a) Negative geotropism
b) Positive hydrotropisn
c) Negative phototropism
d) Positive phototropism

What would happen if a light source was placed below a plant?
a) The plant will grow in an upward position
b) The plant would respond negatively to gravity
c) The plant would respond postively to gravity
d) The plant would exhibit negative phototropism

An example of _________________ is when a plant starts to coil around another type of plant.
a) positive hydrotropism
b) negative phototropism
c) positive gravitropism
d) positive thigmotropism

What part of the plant responds positively to gravity?
a) roots
b) leaves
c) stem
d) xylem

Something that causes a positive or negative response in an organism is called ____________.
a) reaction
b) stimulus
c) conversion
d) photosynthesis

What part of the plant displays positive phototropism?
a) leaves and roots
b) leaves and stem
c) roots and stem
d) all of the above

Which of the following does not cause a response in plants?
a) radiant energy
b) gravitational pull
c) temperature
d) all answer choices cause a reaction in plants

Geotropism is the same as __________.
a) gamitropism
b) ghettotropism
c) germination
d) gravitropism

What force causes roots to grow downward?
a) light
b) heat
c) touch
d) gravity

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