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What phrase meaning "burning of books and burial of scholars" was created because book burnings became so common in China?
a) Feng Shui
b) Fengshu Kengru
c) Karate
d) Xìngfu de jieju

What handwritten Chinese encyclopedia, containing 22,937 sections, with over 370,000,000 words, was pillaged during the siege of Peking?
a) Xi Cai
b) Yong Le Da Dian
c) 50 Huise Yinying
d) Shenghuo Rang Si

What library in Peking housed the last written copy of Yong Le Da Dian?
a) Hanlin Academy
b) Peking Public Library
c) The People's Library
d) Library of Mao

The Hanlin Academy was burned during what uprising?
a) Rape of Nanking
b) Boxer Rebellion
c) Free Tibet
d) Tienanmin Square protests

What library still holds 41 surviving volumes of the Yong Le Da Dian long after most others have returned their copies to China?
a) Library of Congress
b) Vernadsky Library, Kiev
c) New York Public Library

What Belgian library was first burned in 1914, rebuilt and opened in 1928, but promptly destroyed again in 1940, losing well over 230,000 items?
a) Library of The Catholic University of Louvain
b) Belgian Free Library
c) Biblio de Ghent
d) The Hague Library

What treaty required Germany to restock and fund the Library at Louvain after World War I?
a) Treaty of Ghent
b) Treaty of Trianon
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Treaty of Sèvres

Manuscripts of the famous explorer Vasco da Gama were destroyed in a fire triggered by an earthquake in what European capital?
a) Madrid, Spain
b) Paris, France
c) Rome, Italy
d) Lisbon, Portugal

The Palace library of Marquis of Louriçal housed a handwritten history by what Holy Roman emperor before it was destroyed by earthquake related fire?
a) Charles V
b) Pippin the Short
c) Charlemagne
d) Charles the Bald

Records of the Portuguese East India Company were destroyed by the Lisbon earthquake in what year?
a) 1776
b) 1812
c) 1755
d) 1492

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