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What is 7.04 millimeters in centimeters?
a) 0.704 centimeters
b) 0.0704 centimeters
c) 704 centimeters
d) 70.4 centimeters

When testing the hypothesis, which of the following is NOT part of this step?
a) identifying materials
b) drawing conclusions about your experiment
c) constructing a procedure
d) recording data

What is 58 hectograms in milligrams?
a) 5.8 milligrams
b) 5,800 milligrams
c) 5,800,000 milligrams
d) 580,000 milligrams

If someone drops glass and it breaks, where should they safely put broken glass?
a) Plastic Bag
b) Trash Can
c) Glass Deposit Box
d) Hidden Trap Door

What is 0.034 milliliters in liters?
a) 340 liters
b) 0.000034 liters
c) 0.00034 liters
d) 0.0034 liters

Which piece of equipment is important to have nearby in the case of a fire?
a) fire blanket
b) dust pan
c) broom
d) graduated cylinder

All of the following are parts of a well written conclusion EXCEPT...
a) restating your hypothesis
b) answering the purpose
c) making observations
d) confirming or rejecting hypothesis

What is 5 grams in decigrams?
a) 50 decigrams
b) 500 decigrams
c) 0.05 decigrams
d) 0.5 decigrams

What three words must be used in a hypothesis?
a) if, then, but
b) if, thus, because
c) if, then, maybe
d) if, then, because

An independent variable is what you...
a) purposely change in the experiment.
b) purposely keep the same in the experiment.
c) what changes as a result of what you purposely change.
d) a variable that has grown up and left home to be on its' own.

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