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Which ecological term describes all the deer living in a region?
a) population
b) community
c) ecosystem
d) biome

Which process is directly used by autotrophs to store energy in glucose?
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) diffusion
d) active transport

An environment can support only as many organisms as the avaible energy, minerals, and oxygen will support. What term besst discribes this statement?
a) carrying capasity
b) biological diversity
c) biological feedback
d) homeostatic control

Which energy transfer is least likely to be found in nature?
a) predator to prey
b) consumer to consumer
c) producer to consumer
d) host to parasite

Which type of model provides the most complete respresentation of the feeding relationships within a community?
a) food web
b) food chain
c) material cycle
d) preador - prey

Which of the following breaks down and recycles nutrients in an ecosystem?
a) Decomposer such as mushrooms
b) Producers such as ferns
c) Carnivores such as polar bears
d) Herbivores such as rabbits

In an energy pyrimid, which level would most likley have producers?
a) 1st tropic level- bottom
b) 2nd tropic level
c) 3rd tropic level
d) 4th tropic level- top

The first organisms to grow after a forest fire are called
a) Pioneer species
b) climax community
c) maples and oaks
d) aliens

Natural communities replacing each other in an orderly sequence is called
a) succession
b) evolution
c) food chain
d) food web

Bees and flowers are an example of which type of symbiotic relationship?
a) commensalism
b) mutalism
c) parasitism
d) predation

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