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Which situation is work being done?
a) Sammy kicking a soccer ball
b) Sara pushing against a wall
c) Maria holding a box
d) Lonny thinking of a song

What effects the gravitational force between objects?
a) pulls
b) height
c) temperature
d) mass

Why is a simple machine used?
a) to reduce friction
b) to reduce work
c) to make work easier
d) to reduce buoyancy

What does buoyant force act against when pushing up on objects?
a) gravity
b) magnetism
c) work
d) unbalanced forces

Which force is used when a bar magnet picks up nails?
a) gravitational force
b) magnetic force
c) frictional force
d) buoyant force

Which is NOT a simple machine?
a) lawnmower
b) seesaw
c) lever
d) door knob

What are three examples of an inclined plane?
a) doorknob, wheel, and axle
b) pulley, ramp, blade
c) wedge, chisel, axe
d) lever, fulcrum, and crane

Two girls push a box to the left with a force of 20 N each. Another girl pushes on the box to the right with a force of 20 N. What is the net force?
a) 0 N
b) 20 N to the right
c) 60 N to the left
d) 20 N to the left

Which term describes the forces that act on a soccer kicked by a player?
a) balanced
b) unblanced
c) combined
d) simple

Two teams are playing tug of war, but neither side moves. Which term describes the forces?
a) balanced
b) unbalanced
c) weak
d) strong

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