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A Web Tool that promotes creativity.
a) Toondoo
b) Jog the Web
c) Tiny URL
d) Quizlet

Which tool allows you to create an avatar?
a) Voki
b) Quizlet
c) Purpose Games
d) Toondoo

You would like to add audio to an image.
a) Fotobabble
b) Blabberize
c) Jog the Web
d) Review Game Zone

Which webtool would be helpful to review for a test?
a) Purpose Game
b) Voki
c) Blabberize
d) Glogster

You would like to present your students with an organized list of websites.
a) Jog the Web
b) Glogster
c) I Side With
d) Time Toast

Which website will provide students with the abiltiy to create a word cloud?
a) Wordle
b) Glogster
c) Symballo
d) Comix

You want to organize events in chronological order.
a) Time Toast
b) Jog the Web
c) Glogster
d) Tagul

Which web tool can be use as a storytelling tool?
a) Comix
b) Bitly
c) Symballo
d) Wordle

Current Events - and the clock is ticking down. :-)
a) I Side With
b) Tiny
c) Kathy's Collection of Educational Websites
d) Google Docs

Collection of historical information
a) All
b) Presidential Campaign Slogans
c) Running for Office Cartoons
d) The Living Room Candidate

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