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What shape is a soccer ball?
a) A cookie
b) A triangle
c) A circle
d) An orange

What are some things that you can eat?
a) Rocks, paper, scissors
b) Bananas, cherries, celery
c) Mountains, hats, posters
d) Computers, desktops, numbers

Where do you go to fix your teeth?
a) Your best bud
b) Soccer coach
c) Dentist
d) Doctor

What do you use to control the T.V.?
a) A magic wand
b) Soccer ball
c) Apple
d) T.V. remote

What do you do in art class?
a) Draw
b) Color
c) Paint
d) All of the above

What do you do in math class?
a) Learn how to walk
b) Learn how to talk
c) Learn how to count
d) Learn how to read really hard words

Where do you live?
a) In a building
b) In a shoe
c) In a box
d) In a computer

Which of the following is an animal?
a) Apple
b) Computer
c) Horse
d) Box with a mustache

Where do you carry your school supplies?
a) In a bookback
b) In a box
c) In your hands
d) Numbers

Which of the following are in a music class?
a) Instruments
b) Lab Coats
c) Computers

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