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The Vacation Reading Club, created by the Oklahoma Library Commission's Traveling Libraries Department during the Great Depression, did which of the following?
a) Encouraged adults to check out library books while on vacation
b) Encouraged children to read during the summer
c) Encouraged communities to start book clubs at public libraries
d) All of the choices

Which public library in 1934, in order to raise money, asked for newspaper donations so that they could then sell the newspapers to a local fern grower?
a) Deland Public Library in Florida
b) Enoch Pratt Library in Maryland
c) Chicago Public Library in Illinois
d) Knoxville Public Library in Tennessee

How many new libraries were created throughout the US between 1930 and 1940?
a) None; the public and the government could not afford new libraries
b) None; instead, over 500 libraries were closed
c) Around 100; these were built with funds saved from the Roaring Twenties
d) Over 700; these were built with federal and local funds

What library job did FERA and WPA often designate to unskilled women during the Great Depression?
a) Shelving books
b) Cataloging books
c) Mending books
d) Checking out patrons' books

What was one way in which shelving practices changed during the Great Depression?
a) Popular books, instead of being shelved, were placed on carts for browsing by customers
b) Non-fiction books were shelved in broad subject categories with no regard to Dewey Decimal numbers
c) The majority of children's books were displayed instead of shelved
d) Most public libraries changed to the Library of Congress Classification system

During the Great Depression, the Chicago Public Library did not have the funds to purchase books, so what did they do with their books that were in poor condition?
a) They withdrew thousands of worn books, especially popular books
b) They kept these books so that the public could still read them
c) They donated the books to orphanages
d) They used these books as kindle for fires in the homeless camps during the winter

A single book in this type of library in Oklahoma could be read an average of fifty times within a six-month period during the Great Depression.
a) Public library
b) Traveling library
c) Academic library
d) School library

What percentage of Florida's population had no access to free library service during the Great Depression?
a) 25%
b) 40%
c) 55%
d) 60%

Carl Roden, chief librarian of the Chicago Public Library, believed that the Great Depression would bring about a new, third era of public libraries in which libraries would be
a) More concerned with meeting individual needs instead of mass needs
b) Less concerned with providing popular fiction for the public
c) More centered around an educational role rather than a role of expanding its collection
d) All of the options

In 1936, Oklahoma passed legislation requiring a person to pay a one dollar fee every time they filed papers with a county clerk in order to support what type of library?
a) Agricultural
b) Business
c) Law
d) Medical

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