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Why didn't people settle on the Great Plains earlier?
a) Because of dry land, wood was hard to find, and low rainfall.
b) Because they did not like the Great Plains.
c) Because they did not want to move to another state.

Which answer BEST describes the Great Plains?
a) wet, humid land
b) mostly flat, covered by grass, no trees
c) lots of trees and excellent soil

What Act encouraged people to settle on the Great Plains?
a) The Railroad Act.
b) The Homestead Act - get land cheap, cheap, cheap.
c) The Fast Builder Act.

What did the Homestead Act offer settlers?
a) 160 acres of land, and to pay small amount of money and farm the land for 5 years, then it belonged to you..
b) 5 acres of land.
c) 10 acres of great farmland.

What was the name given to African-American homesteaders?
a) exoPlusters
b) exoDusters
c) exoMusters

What was the climate during Winter on the Great Plains?
a) hot and humid
b) long, cold, blizzards
c) rainy

What was the climate during Spring on the Great Plains?
a) thunderstorms, heavy rains, floods, tornados, and hailstones as big as baseballs.
b) cloudy and rainy
c) mild

What was the climate during Summer on the Great Plains?
a) windy
b) rainy and humid
c) hot and dry; droughts (no rain); prarie fires

Millions of this kind of insect appeared on the Great Plains in the 1870's?
a) grasshoppers
b) crickets
c) bees

Great Plains farmers became known as _______ because they had to break through so much thick soil.
a) cattlebusters
b) trailbusters
c) sodbusters

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