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Cato dies from
a) starvation
b) mutations
c) another Tribute
d) Katniss shoots him with an arrow

In which Hunger Games does Katniss compete
a) 80th
b) 74th
c) 73th
d) 76th

In the cave Katniss tells Peeta the story of when
a) she shot her first deer
b) she met Gale
c) her dad died
d) she bought Prim a goat

What is the name of the berries that kill Foxface
a) poison blackberries
b) deadly blackberries
c) nightlock
d) never said

What does Peeta tell Katniss that she isn't good at
a) lying
b) kindness
c) singing
d) all of the above

Since when has Peeta had a crush on Katniss
a) Since he was nine
b) Since he first laid eyes on her
c) Since the Reaping
d) Never, he only pretends to love her

Effie Trinket doesn't like what
a) bad manners
b) being off schedule
c) Haymitch Abernathy
d) all of the above

What district works with lumber
a) District 7
b) District 8
c) District 12
d) District 3

How did Katniss's father die
a) he fell off the roof of his house
b) starvation
c) mine explosion
d) he was a contestant in the Hunger Games

Who does Katniss live with
a) Her mother, brother, and sister
b) Her mom and dad
c) Her mom and little sister
d) Her dad and little sister

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