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How did people send messages before the telegraph?
a) train, plane, automobile
b) horse,stagecoach, steamboat
c) cell phone

The telegraph was useful because...
a) people could tell each other about important events SOON after they took place.
b) it was fun to make beep, beep, beeping sounds.
c) people could watch their favorite tv show at 8:00,

What Act did the government pass to help construct the transcontinental railroad?
a) Fast Builder Act
b) Railroad Crossing Act
c) Pacific Railway Act

The Pacific Railway Act said that the government could lend __________ to the Railroad.
a) money
b) food
c) clothing

TRUE or FALSE? Chinese immigrants working for the Central Pacific Railraod were paid a lot of money.
a) FALSE. They were paid less than other workers.

TRUE or FALSE? Chinese immigrants working for the Central Pacific Railraod were given easy, safe jobs..
b) FALSE. They were given dangerous jobs such as using explosives to blast away rock.

Name two goods that western farmers transported East using the railroad.
a) cattle, wheat, food from crops
b) Coke and Sprite
c) Coconuts, Lemons

Name two goods that eastern farmers transported West using the railroad.
a) bicycles, motorcycles
b) clothing, tools
c) cactus flowers, dirt

On May 10, 1869, where did the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific tracks join?
a) The Mississippi River
b) Promitory Point, Utah
c) San Francisco, California

What to kinds of metal spikes did the Railroad officials tap into the last piece of track?
a) red and green spikes
b) gold and silver spikes
c) iron and copper spikes

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