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Which is not a reason civilizations were settled near water?
a) to run turbines for factories
b) the water made fertile soil
c) fresh water to drink
d) transportation

Which is not a feature of a civilization?
a) writing on cave walls
b) established government
c) organized society
d) division of labor

When man began to write down what happened around him is called
a) history
b) prehistory
c) social studies
d) geography

This was the first group that settled Mesopotoma
a) Sumerians
b) Siamese
c) Moses
d) Hebrews

The fertile cresent is between which two rivers
a) Tigres and Euphrates
b) Tigres and Nile
c) Nile and Mississippi
d) Mississippi and Colorado

To bring water into your crop land area is called
a) irrigation
b) separation
c) culturation
d) devastation

The Jews / Hebrews were freed from the Egyptians led by
a) Abraham
b) Hammurabui
c) Moses
d) Pharoah

to define a group by the God they serve and the way the worship is to tell their
a) religious group
b) ethnic group
c) culture group
d) school group

Culture means
a) your way of life
b) your crops
c) having one God
d) having many gods

Monotheistic means
a) your way of life
b) your crops
c) having one God
d) having many gods

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