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The one change that is tested in an experement. For example: Type of soda
a) Independent Variable
c) Constant
d) Dependent Variable

The final change that resulted from the Independent Variable...
a) Independent Variable
c) Constant
d) Dependent Variable

All of the parts of the experiment that remain the same.
a) Independent Variable
c) Constant
d) Dependent Variable

Which was one example of a constant in the Soda Lab?
a) Type of soda
c) Number of mentos used
d) Volume of soda after reaction

This one of the most widely accepted scientific theories on the formation of the Earth.
a) Nuclear Hypothesis
b) Big Bang Hypothesis
c) Gravitational Hypothesis
d) Nebular Hypothesis

The Nebular Hypothesis states the big cloud was made up of...
a) skittles and candy corn
b) and icy mixture
c) gas and dust
d) minerals and gas

The big cloud shrank because of the force of...
a) gravity
b) frozen lava
c) heat
d) the sun

What was born after the spinning cloud has most of its material gather at the center?
a) the Earth
b) Mr Jones
c) the Moon
d) the Sun

Planetesimals are small planets and Protoplanets are large planets
a) True
d) False

Earth is which numbered planet from the sun?
a) first
b) 100th
c) seventh
d) third

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