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Your Clincher sentence must
a) be different from your topic sentence (both type and wording).
b) be the same as your topic sentence.
c) appear at the beginning of the body.
d) grab the attention of your reader.

Clincher sentences state the
a) details
b) relationship
c) main idea
d) follow-ups

General, Clueing, or Specific?- To conclude, Zelda is an awesome game for several reasons.
a) General
b) Clueing
c) Specific

General, Clueing, or Specific?- Thus, Sonic is a classic game because it was released over 20 years ago, it has transfered from Sega to Nintendo, and there are new games.
a) General
b) Clueing
c) Specific

General, Clueing, or Specific? - In sum, Mario always saves the day.
a) General
b) Clueing
c) Specific

All Clincher sentences must begin with a
a) Subject
b) Verb
c) Concluding Transition
d) Time Transition

The three types of Clincher sentences:
a) General, Clueing, and Specific
b) Lead-off, Follow-up, and Topic
c) General, Lead-off, and Follow-up
d) Specific, Topic, Clincher

The type of sentence that comes in the Conclusion is:
a) Lead-off
b) Clincher
c) Follow-up
d) Topic

Clincher sentence is the ___________ sentence in your paragraph.
a) first
b) fourth
c) second
d) last

Which of the following is NOT a Concluding Transition?
a) Thus,
b) In sum,
c) To conclude,
d) On one hand,

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