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What percent of enslaved Africans died or committed suicide during the Middle Passage?
a) 15-20
b) 5-10
c) 25-35
d) 20-30

Free African Americans in the colonies were allowed
a) To be slaveholders and own property
b) To vote
c) To sit on Juries
d) To become part of the gentry

Unlike the poor in Europe, lower-class colonists
a) Could hope to acquire property and move up the social scale
b) Often lived in luxury
c) Had a great deal of leisure time
d) Could count on a comfortable retirement

In colonial times, how did a young man often learn a trade?
a) By becoming enslaved
b) By becoming an apprentice
c) By becoming an indentured servant
d) By buying his own business

The Zenger case helped establish the right of
a) Freedom of the Press
b) Habeas Courpus
c) Trial by jury
d) Freedom of Religion

Who among the following hat the right to vote in English colonies?
a) White men only
b) White men and women who owned property
c) White men and freed Africans
d) white man and some Native Americans

In 1609, King William and Queen Mary...
a) Signed the English Bill of Rights
b) Destroyed Parliament
c) Executed King Charles I
d) Established a two-house legislature

What schools today would compare to Puritan grammar schools?
a) Colleges
b) Elementary Schools
c) High Schools
d) Vocational Schools

Which of the following was not legal for slaves to do under slave codes?
a) Sing while working
b) Meet in large groups
c) Work in the home of a plantation owner
d) Have children

Which of the following was a factor in the growth of southern slavery?
a) The Navigation Acts
b) An increase in colonial shipbuilding
c) The Plantation System
d) The growth of apprenticeship

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