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When we test for Nitrates, we are measuring...
a) how much Oxygen is in the water
b) the amount of Hydrogen atoms
c) soaps and cleaners that have entered the water
d) dead and decaying organic matter

The pH of Water is
a) 8
b) 5
c) 7
d) 10

Which would be considered one of our local Watersheds?
a) Wissahickon
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Mississippi
d) Delaware Water Gap

In the Water Cycle, Evaporation is when....
a) water vapor falls to the ground as rain
b) precipitation
c) liquid water turns to water vapor
d) water loses heat and turns to solid water

These is approximately how much water on Earth?
a) 2/3
b) 1/2
c) 5/10
d) 40%

Which of these was NOT a test done on a stream
a) pH
b) Nitrates
c) Dissolved Oxygen
d) Copper

on the pH scale, acids usually are...
a) between 50-100
b) 1-6
c) 8-14
d) 7

The chemical symbol for water is...
a) NaCL
b) H2O
c) OH
d) C6H1208

Phosphates in a stream indicate....
a) the water has dead things in the water.
b) the stream is vibrant and healthy
c) that there is a level of Hydrogen in the water
d) that there are a level of detergents and cleaners in the stream

pH is what?
a) The power or amount of Nitrogen in a liquid
b) The power of Hydrogen in a liquid.
c) How many Carbon atoms in a Liquid.
d) How many Hydroxide atoms there are in a liquid.

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