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dividing the body into anterior and posterior is a description of this plane
a) frontal plane
b) transverse plane
c) sagittal plane
d) midsaggital plane

movement that decreases the angle between two bones
a) extension
b) flexion
c) adduction
d) abduction

the best technique for removing adhesions in fascial tissue
a) effleurage
b) tapotement
c) deep transverse friction
d) swedish

external rotary movement of the radius on the ulna that results in the hand moving from the palm-down to the palm-up movement
a) pronation
b) supination
c) inversion
d) eversion

the study of movement that combines the fields of anatomy, physiology, physics, geometry and relates to human movement
a) biology
b) physiology
c) kinesiology
d) chemistry

movement that increases the angle between two bones
a) extension
b) flexion
c) adduction
d) abduction

circular or transverse movements that do not glide on the skin and that are focused on the underlying tissue
a) petrissage
b) friction
c) tapotement
d) swedish

backward movement in a horizontal plane
a) protraction
b) opposition
c) retraction
d) dorsiflexion

body is divided into equal right and left halves
a) transverse plane
b) sagittal plane
c) frontal plane
d) midsagittal plane

rotary movement around the longitudinal axis of a bone away from the midline of the body
a) lateral flexion
b) lateral deviation
c) lateral rotation
d) lateral extension

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