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A _______________ is a wild horse.
a) mustang
b) patio
c) caboose
d) sleigh

An ___________________ is a tropical fruit that grows on trees. It is used to make guacamole.
a) avocado
b) rodeo
c) waffle
d) yacht

A ______________ is an outdoor space used for relaxing near a house.
a) patio
b) ski
c) sleigh
d) caboose

A _______________ is a show with horseback riding and roping.
a) rodeo
b) skull
c) yacht
d) waffle

_______________ is a Danish word for a long flat runner worn on the foot.
a) Ski
b) Waffle
c) Rodeo
d) Avocado

The last car on a freight train is the ____________________.
a) caboose
b) avocado
c) ski
d) sleigh

A ________________ is a breakfast cake made from batter.
a) waffle
b) mustang
c) skull
d) yacht

A ____________ is a kind of sled.
a) sleigh
b) rodeo
c) avocado
d) ski

______________ is a boat used for pleasure.
a) Yacht
b) Patio
c) Mustang
d) Skull

The bones of your head are called a ________________.
a) skull
b) mustang
c) patio
d) caboose

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