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The tangible (physical) part of the computer is called
a) Hardware
b) You Tube
c) World Wide Web
d) Software

Which of the following is NOT an example of hardware?
a) Keyboard
b) Monitor
c) Microsoft Word
d) Mouse

I am a device that gives to the user a copy of his work on a paper
a) Sound Card
b) CD-Rom drive
c) Tower
d) Printer

The user inserts text into the computer using a
a) Speakers
b) RAM
c) Keyboard
d) Modem

Which of the following is a hardware?
a) Microsoft Excel
b) Tower
c) Facebook
d) Microsoft Word

I connect computers and allow them to talk to each other
a) Modem
b) Scanner
c) Mouse
d) Keyboard

You can listen to music using
a) Scanner
b) Speakers
c) Printer
d) Storage devices

I am a device that scans images and printed text.
a) Motherboard
b) Scanner
c) Tower
d) Printer

I am a device used by the user to control the cursor
a) Speakers
b) Mouse
c) Printer
d) Scanner

You can watch a movie using
a) Monitor
b) Printer
c) CPU
d) Software

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