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Many multiple choice exams tend to emphasize _____________
a) basic definitions or simple comparisons
b) difficult terms and complex groups
c) fill in the blank and short essays
d) new information and new theories

To prepare for a test it is best advised to
a) Begin studying early,
b) memorize all possible answers
c) study the hard the night before.
d) Cram it all in at the last minute,

absolute words on test such as, "______ or "________" are less likely to be correct
a) all of the above or more than one
b) always or never
c) True or false
d) usually or probably

If you simply don't know the answer then___________
a) don't take any chances marking the wrong answer.
b) just take a lucky guess
c) Ask your neighbor
d) skip it and leave it blank

When taking a test be sure to read over the question carefully and be sure to understand what its asking.
a) The above statement is less likely true
b) The above statement is more likely false
c) The above statement is most likely true
d) the above statement most likely false

Many students consider mulitple choice exams easier because_________________
a) The correct answer will have never or always in it.
b) The correct answer has a clue word beside it.
c) The correct answer has to be among one of the choices
d) The correct answer will be distinquished from the rest.

Second guessing yourself when testing is not suggested since usually your first response is correct.
a) this statement is most likely true
b) this statement is less likely false
c) this statement most likely false
d) this statement is both true and false.

The process of elimination in test taking skills is ______________________________
a) filling in the appropriate bubbles
b) eliminate the 2 less likely answers
c) eliminate all answers that start with "most likely"
d) eliminate key words and terms

Not clearly erasing the wrong answer is a common mistake when taking a test
a) this above statement is always true
b) this statement is never true
c) this happens every now and then
d) The test proctor knows what you mean

Which of the following statements is most likely true?
a) try to anticipate the correct answer before you are distracted by seeing the options
b) cover up the other possible responses
c) If it is the response you anticpated mark it then check the others.
d) all of the above are correct

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