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Identify The Different Modalities Of Massage Therapy. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What healing art uses fingers to stimulate key points along the meridians
a) Alexander Technique
b) Acupuncture
c) Acupressure
d) Aston-Pattering

The use of essentials oils extracted from herbs, flowers and roots, and produce a theraputic aroma and stimulate healing.Is most likely__________
a) AMMA therapy
b) Aroma therapy
c) Bowen Therapy
d) Ayervedic Massage

Cranio-scaral Thearpy is most likley
a) A technique developed by Upledger, Milne,Sutherland.
b) All of the above
c) Correcting cerebral and spinal imblances
d) Improve the functioning of the CNS

Reflexology ,=_______________Hot Stone massage________Hydrotherapy____________
a) deals with hands and feet, uses water as therapy, uses water as therapy
b) uses water therapy, cyro-therapy,uses hands and feet
c) massage geared toward the aging, uses water as therapy, deals with hands and feet
d) deals with hands and feet, river rocks heated and placed on muscle, uses water as therapy

a) This work is based on the premise that all body cells record emotional or energetic reactions.
b) Movement can stimulate the repressed energy, and release the energy.
c) none of the above
d) a and b are correct

Which Massage applied uses core layers of the body often using elbows as well as the usual thumb, finger and fist pressure.
a) Acupressure
b) Acutepressure
c) deep Tissue Massage
d) Geriatric Massage

Uses muscle testing to evaluate and restore balance to the body.uses manipulation nutrition, exercise
a) Kinesology
b) Lymphatic drain
c) Aromatherapy
d) touch therapy

Acupuncture acupressure do not use the same points , but acupuncture uses thumbs.
a) the above statement is most likely true
b) The above statement is most likely false
c) the above statement is both true and false
d) the above statement cannot be concluded with the informaiton

Hands vodder is known for what modality
a) Lomi-Lomi
b) Lymphatic Drain
c) Kinesology
d) Myotherapy

In the modality Cryotherapy , cryo means most likely ______
a) stones
b) water
c) cold
d) heat

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