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Which muscle raises the lip
a) Depressor labil inferiorius
b) Levator Labil Inferioris
c) levator labil superioris
d) orbicularis oris

The hamstrings are located on the posterior thigh between magnus and vastus lateralis. They can be divided into 2 sections, lateral and medial. What forms the medial. hamstring
a) biceps femoris
b) semitendinosus/semimembranous
c) rectus femoris
d) vastus medialis

Anabolisim is an example of
a) Chemical digestion
b) The formation of protein molecules from amino acids
c) The breakdown of glucose into pyruvic acid
d) splitting a protein into its amino acid components

Pulmonary veins return blood to the___________?
a) Right atrium
b) Left ventricle
c) Left atrium
d) Lungs

What is the strongest bone in the body?
a) Humerus
b) Os coxae
c) Clavicle
d) femur

which muscle inserts at the bicipital groove of the humerus?
a) Latissimus dorsi
b) Gluteus minimus
c) internal obliques
d) iliocostalis lumborum

What muscle's origin attachment is not to bone?
a) Omohyoid
b) Platsyma
c) frontalis
d) buccinators

Which of the following choices are considered part of the upper respiratory system?
a) pharynx, pleura and trachea
b) trachea and lungs
c) mouth, nasal cavity, and larynx
d) right and left bronchus

The serratus anterior and pectoralis minor share what action of the scapula?
a) Elevation
b) Adduction
c) Abduction
d) upward rotation

which muscle inserts at the greater tubercle of the humerus?
a) Coracobrachialis
b) subscapularis
c) infraspinatus
d) biceps brachii

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