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Water is composed of what two elements?
a) protons and neutrons
b) hydrogen and electrons
c) oxygen and nitrogren
d) oxygen and hydrogen

The elements of a water molecule are held together by which type of bond?
a) double bond
b) hydrogen bond
c) covalent bond
d) ionic bond

Cohesion occurs due to which type of bonding?
a) hydrogen
b) covalent
c) double
d) ionic

Why do the atoms of a water molecule have partial charges?
a) hydrogen donates an electron to oxygen
b) there is an unequal sharing of electrons between the atoms
c) oxygen donates an electron to hydrogen
d) opposites attract

What is a polar molecule?
a) a molecule with opposite charges at opposite ends
b) a molecule with no charge
c) a molecule with an unequal number of protons and electrons
d) a molecule with identical charges at opposite ends

Which of the following is not one of water's special properties?
a) Density Anomally
b) High Specific Heat Capacity
c) High Viscosity
d) High Surface Tension

Water falling from clouds forms a rain drop because of what?
a) adhesion
b) covalent bonding
c) viscosity
d) cohesion

Water stuck to the windshield is an example of what?
a) adhesion
b) covalent bonding
c) viscosity
d) cohesion

What is the temperature at which water reaches maximum density?
a) 32 degrees ferenheit
b) 4 degrees celcius
c) 0 degress celcius
d) 100 degress celcius

What how does water arrange around ions?
a) the more positve atoms attach to negative ions
b) all of these answers are true
c) water froms a hydration shell
d) the more negative atoms attach to positive ions

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