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The cell wall
a) is inside of the cell membrane in plants
b) is outside the cell membrane in plants
c) is inside of the cell membrane in animals
d) is outside the cell membrane in animals

What part of the cell membrane functions to regulate what comes in and out
a) phospholipids
b) phosphates
c) lipids
d) proteins

The nucleus contains all of the following except
a) nucleolus
b) pores
c) DNA
d) vesicles

Ribosomes make proteins. Proteins do all of the following except
a) control the chemical reactions in a cell
b) provide structural support for cells and tissues
c) act as passageways in the cell membrane
d) none of the choices

The ... endoplasmic reticulum has...
a) smooth; no ribosomes
b) rough; no ribosomes
c) smooth; ribosomes
d) 2 of the choices

Mitochondria make... from sugar and oxygen
a) ATP- active energy
b) ATP- stored energy
c) ATP- kinetic energy
d) ATP- potential energy

Chloroplasts are green stacks of circular disks that
a) make energy from sugar
b) make energy from sunlight
c) make energy from sugar and sunlight
d) don't make energy

Which organelle is most like a post office?
a) Golgi complex
b) vesicles
c) lysosomes
d) smooth endoplasmic reticulum

Which is not a type of vacuole?
a) central vacuole
b) food vacuole
c) contractile vacuole
d) flagrant vacuole

Which organelle is responsible for making sure we aren't born with webbed feet?
a) lysosomes
b) vesicles
c) Golgi Complex
d) rough endoplasmic reticulum

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