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Cells are not
a) the smallest unit of structure
b) the smallest unit of function
c) the smallest unit that can perform all life's processes
d) none of the choices

What is not a job of the cell
a) Make energy
b) Make protein
c) Make phone calls
d) Make more cells

Which is a part of the cell theory
a) all cells come from other cells
b) all cells are multicellular
c) all cells are unicellular
d) none of the choices

Which of the following is an exception to the cell theory?
a) viruses
b) humans
c) chairs
d) pond scum

All cells have
a) a cell membrane
b) a nucleus
c) chloroplasts
d) vacuoles

Why are the structures inside the cell called organelles?
a) they are like organs
b) they don't always work
c) they have membranes
d) they can float in cytoplasm or attach to other organelles

Which of the following is not a function of the cell membrane?
a) separates the cell’s contents from its environment
b) selectively permeable
c) allows communication between cells
d) layer that covers the cell

the cytoplasm
a) is fluid
b) is multicellular
c) is unicellular
d) is solid

DNA stands for
a) do not answer
b) deoxyribonucleic acid
c) deoxygalactonucleic acid
d) deoxysucronucleic acid

Eukaryotic cells
a) have a nucleus but no membrane bound organelles
b) have no nucleus or membrane bound organelles
c) have both a nucleus and membrane bound organelles
d) have membrane bound organelles but no nucleus

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