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a scientific model cannot be
a) a simplified representation of an object or process
b) a model airplane
c) a map
d) a fashion model

Which of the following is not a scientific model
a) mathematical
b) conceptual
c) hypothetical
d) physical

Models can do all of the following except
a) explain how something works
b) describe how something is structured
c) predict outcomes
d) make observations

All of the following are correctly matched except
a) physical model; looks like the object
b) conceptual model; ideas
c) conceptual model; compare familiar with unfamiliar
d) physical model; usually on computer

What is not a valid reason to use models?
a) to test a hypothesis
b) to understand things that are complex
c) to understand things that can be observed directly
d) none of the choices

Which of the following is a conceptual model?
a) the big bang theory
b) a model car
c) the equation for slope
d) a sculpture of a dinosaur

Which of the following is a mathematical model?
a) the idea that the universe is expanding at faster rate
b) how much interest you will pay per year if you get a loan
c) A girraffe
d) a pot

Which of the following is a physical model
a) an elephant
b) a race car
c) a fingernail
d) an image in a mirror

A scientific theory
a) states why something happens
b) states how something happens
c) states what happens
d) states where something happens

One reason scientific change is .... is because scientists ...
a) slow; need to re-test old ideas
b) none of the choices
c) fast; need to test new ideas
d) fast; need to re-test old ideas

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