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How many people signed the Constitution?
a) 55
b) 36
c) 17
d) 34

In what order was the Constitution signed?
a) alphabetical
b) geographical
c) numerical
d) vertical

Who wrote the constitution down on paper?
a) George Washington
b) William Jackson
c) Gouverneur Morris
d) Barack Obama

Who witnessed the signing of the constitution?
a) George Washington
b) William Jackson
c) Gouverneur Morris
d) Abraham Lincoln

What was the first set of laws after the Revolutionary War called?
a) Articles of Confederation
b) US Constitution
c) National Government
d) Declaration of Independence

What can the federal government do?
a) establish schools
b) take power from the state
c) consequence kids at home
d) print money

What are the powers of the state?
a) establish treaties
b) conduct elections
c) print money
d) over throw the president

Where is the final home of the Constitution?
a) North Carolina
b) Maryland
c) Washington DC
d) New York

Who was known as the Father of the Constituion?
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Barack Obama
d) George Washington

Where was the Constitutional Convention held?
a) Washington
b) California
c) Boston
d) Philadephia

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