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Which of the following muscles abducts the humerus?
a) deltoid
b) teres minor
c) pectoralis major
d) infraspinatus

What is another name for the subacromial bursa?
a) subteres
b) subdeltoid
c) suscrapularis
d) sucoraoid

Which muscle laterally rotates the humer
a) infraspinatus
b) suscapularis
c) supraspinatus
d) teres major

The superficial pectoralis major is divided into 3 sections; clavicular,steral costal fibers. its antagonist to itself with upper and lower fibers, what is the lower fiber actions
a) flexion of glenohhumeral joint
b) jorizontal adduction
c) horizontal abduction
d) extension of the glenohumeral joint

which of the following is an action of trapezius
a) upward rotation of the scapula
b) deperssion of the scapula
c) adduction of the scapula
d) all of the above

What rotator cuff tendon inserts just lateral to the coracoids process on the lesser tubercle?
a) teres minor
b) infraspinatus
c) subscapularis
d) supraspinatus

Which muscle inserts at the spine of scapula?
a) infraspinatus
b) Latissimus dorsi
c) trapezius
d) supraspinatus

Which muscle inserts at the acromion process and the lateral 1/3 of the clavicle?
a) SCM
b) infraspinatus
c) deltoid
d) trapezius

Which muscle inserts on the lower two thirds of the vertebral border of the scapula?
a) trapezius
b) rhomboid major
c) infraspinatus
d) subscapularis

What 2 muscles are antagonist to themselves with flexion and extension
a) deltoid and gluteus medius
b) deltoid and gluteus maximus
c) gluteus medius and gluetus maximus
d) gluteus medius and lattissimus dorsi

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