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The Earth formed from.....
a) a huge meteor hitting the moon
b) gravity drawing many particles together
c) part of the sun breaking off and going into orbit
d) i am not sure

The more
a) faster it revolves around the Sun
b) slower it revolves around the Sun
c) the less gravity it has
d) the more gravity it has

A good analogy to describe the Earth as it formed and cooled is
a) a pie
b) a ball
c) a burger
d) a watermelon

Oceanic plates
a) are the mountains at the bottom of the ocean
b) are the plates that the oceans sit on
c) are the plates that the continents sit on
d) none of the above

We sit on the ...
a) Indian Plate
b) North American Plate
c) African Plate
d) S American Plate

Lava comes from the
a) mantle
b) the crust
c) the core
d) the store

True of False. Both the Continental and Oceanic plates float on the Mantle
a) True
b) False

The Earth's core is....
a) in Antartica
b) at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
c) at the center of the Earth
d) right under China

The Earth's core is made of mainly
a) Iron and Silicon
b) solid rock
c) liquid rock
d) solid metal

If the Atlantic Ocean is spreading by about 5 cm a year,
a) the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller
b) the Earth is getting larger
c) the Earth is getting smaller
d) soon there will be no more mantle

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