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Damage done to a person or thing
a) injury
b) insult
c) claim
d) sympathy

Full of sadness
a) crying
b) mournful
c) pouting
d) angry

Taking or carrying something
a) buying
b) sending
c) mailing
d) delivering

To eat or drink noisily
a) slurp
b) gobble
c) snack
d) gulp

Loud cries
a) whimper
b) whine
c) shrieks
d) speak

A place to post notices
a) garage
b) bulletin board
c) computer
d) notice

The quality of being polite and considerate
a) manners
b) behavior
c) decency
d) honesty

A phrase that cannot be understood by the meaning of its separate words
a) joke
b) synonym
c) idiom
d) similie

To use text from the story and what you know to draw a conclusion
a) inference
b) answer
c) knowledge
d) antonym

Language spoken in certain parts of the country
a) grammar
b) slang
c) jargon
d) dialect

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