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the natural nonliving materials found in soil are called what?
a) pollen
b) bricks
c) minerals
d) bugs

What is one of the main functions or jobs of the plant stem?
a) to build houses
b) to turn energy from the sun to carbon dioxide
c) to move water, minerals, and sugars to other parts of the plant
d) to take insects out of the soil

The yellow powder that plants make is called what?
a) petals
b) sugar
c) nectar
d) pollen

What is the gas that plants need, and people breath out called?
a) air
b) liquid
c) helium
d) carbon dioxide

What kind of trees are Pine and Fir trees?
a) evergreens
b) maples
c) weeds
d) firewood

Who might scatter orange seeds?
a) Mickey Mouse
b) birds
c) truck drivers
d) whales

The part of the seed that stores food for the seedlings growth is called what?
a) flower
b) root
c) seed leaf
d) store

What is a seedling?
a) a small pine cone
b) a young plant or tree
c) a gas
d) bark

When a seed in the ground starts to grow, we say it has done what?
a) germinated
b) made oxygen
c) grown a flower
d) made food for bees

How do seeds get scattered?
a) the mailman
b) bees
c) wind, animals, and water
d) my Dad

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