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When you observe and ask questions you are
a) noticing the diversity of life
b) learning how to protect the environment
c) solving a problem
d) behaving like a life scientist

Life scientists cannot
a) be anyone
b) work with organisms
c) work anywhere
d) do anything

Which of the following is not a reason to study life science?
a) to cure and prevent inherited diseases
b) to make a lot of money
c) to protect the environment
d) to cure and prevent the spread of disease

What may cause a person to be born with or to develop certain diseases?
a) changes in a person's genetic information
b) changes in a person\'s health
c) changes in a person\'s behavior
d) changes in a person\'s environment

Genetic testing cannot help
a) a person find out how likely they are to have a child with an inherited disease
b) a person find out how to get rid of their child\'s inherited disease
c) a person find out what they can do to avoid having a child with an inherited disease
d) a person find out if their child will have an inherited disease

Which of the following is something a life scientist might study
a) if there is water in outer space
b) the reason for the increase in the mosquito population
c) why the reaction between sodium and water is so violent
d) what the Earth\'s interior looks like

Which is an inherited disease?
a) Tay Sachs
b) The Plague
c) Chicken Pox
d) Polio

By learning more about diseases life scientists may
a) get sick
b) become bioterrorists
c) get rid of them entirely
d) find a cure

5 students out of a class of 25 are failing life science. What is the percentage of students who will pass Mrs. Knoll\'s class?
a) 80%
b) 50%
c) 90%
d) 60%

What is not part of protecting the environment?
a) understanding the effects of humans on the environment
b) none of the choices
c) helping humans survive
d) helping living things survive

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