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An observer watching a sailing ship at sea notes that the ship is sinking. Why does it appear to sink?
a) the earth has a curved surface
b) the ocean has depressions
c) the earth is rotating
d) the earth is revolving

The latitude of a point in the Northern Hemisphere may be determined by measuring
a) the altitude of Polaris
b) the apparent diameter of Polaris
c) the distance to the sun
d) apparent diamenter of the sun

Which reference line passes through the North Pole and the South Pole
a) 0 degrees latitude
b) 0 degrees longitude
c) Tropic of Cancer
d) Tropic of Capricorn

At which location will the Polaris be at the highest alitude?
a) Arctic Circle
b) NYS
c) Equator
d) Tropic of cancer

What is the gradient of a hiking trail if it starts at 300ft and climbs to 400ft over 4 miles?
a) 25 ft/mi
b) 10 ft/mi
c) 100 ft/mi
d) 4ft/mi

What is the most abundant element in the troposphere?
a) Nitrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Silicon
d) Carbon

Maps that show elevations are called
a) Topographic
b) Projection
c) Charts
d) Mercatorian

What are the 3 layers of the Geosphere from inner most to outter most layer?
a) Core, mantel, crust
b) crust, mantel core
c) lithosphere, hydroshere, atomosphere
d) mantel, crust, core

At which location is the altitude of Polaris aproximately 42 degrees?
a) Elmira
b) Plattsburgh
c) Syracuse
d) Watertown

How are latitude and longitude lines drawn on a globe?
a) Latitude lines are parellel and longitude lines meet at the poles
b) latitude lines are parellel and longitude lines meet at the equator
c) longitude lines are palellel andlatitude lone meet at the poles
d) longitude lines are parellel and latitude line meet at the equator

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