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Farmers in Sumer used dike to
a) keep flooding rivers within their banks
b) worship their gods
c) store surplus grain
d) travel from one place to another

Which of the following was an important difference between the religious beliefs of Abraham and those of the people of Mesopotamia?
a) Abraham practiced monotheism
b) The Mesopotamians made a covenant with God.
c) Abraham worshipped many gods.
d) The Mesopotamians were promised Canaan as a home country.

What were people that were able to write called?
a) Scribes
b) Clergy
c) Writers
d) Phoenicians

Hammurabi was responsible for what?
a) 1st person to rule an empire
b) The first person to use horses in warfare.
c) invent the wheel
d) create laws and taxes

Which of the following was a result of the food surplus in Sumer?
a) Warfare and violence decreased
b) Sumer broke up into independent city-states
c) A complex division of labor developed
d) Droughts became more frequent

A ziggurat was?
a) A type of government
b) A religious temple.
c) a religious leader
d) first person to rule and empire in mesopotamia

People who invented a system of writing based on symbols that stood for sounds were the
a) Scribes
b) Sargon
c) Moses
d) Phoencians

Who was Sargon?
a) The first person to rule an empire in Mesopotamia
b) The first person to write.
c) The first person to create laws and taxes
d) The leader of the Phoenicians

What were the two rivers that surrounded Mesopotamia?
a) Mississippi and Missouri
b) The Euphrates and the Sumer
c) Euphrates and Tigris
d) The fertile crescent and the Tigris

Who was Moses?
a) Leader of the isrealites who led them out of Egypt
b) Creater of a new language.
c) The ruler of Sumer
d) Leader of the Phoenicians

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