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What do plants take in during photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) soil
d) sugar

How are all seeds alike?
a) They are all the same color.
b) They are all flat and pointed.
c) They all come from spores or cones.
d) They all look different from the plants they become.

If a plant does not make a flower, where could it make a seed?
a) in the stem
b) in the root
c) in a cone
d) in the leaf

Which of these do plants need to make food?
a) oxygen
b) seeds
c) soil
d) sunlight

Which of these things does a plant need to live.
a) fertilizer
b) oxygen
c) warmth
d) water

What is a leaf?
a) the food factory in a plant
b) the substance that helps plants turn energy from the sun into food
c) the plant part that holds the plant up
d) the part of the plant that grows underground

Which of the following does NOT describe evergreens?
a) leaves that are long and pointy like needles
b) a plant that makes food all year long
c) a plant that loses its leaves each year
d) a pine tree is an example

Which is NOT something that most plants need to live and grow?
a) nutrients
b) shelter
c) oxygen
d) water

What do grasses, shrubs, and many trees share?
a) size and shape
b) need for oxygen
c) losing leaves
d) flowers and seeds

How does a cactus survive in a very dry environment?
a) Its roots are deep.
b) It has no stem or leaves.
c) Its shallow roots quickly collect rainfall.
d) It doesn't need water to make food.

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