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Which of the following does not apply to minerals?
a) naturally occuring
b) organic
c) solid
d) definite chemical composition

Solid means
a) definite volume
b) definite shape
c) particles packed closely together
d) all of the choices

Particles line up in a repeating pattern refers to which property of minerals?
a) definite chemical composition
b) naturally occuring
c) crystal structure
d) solid

What is a streak test?
a) when you highlight your hair
b) when you rub a mineral against unglazed porcelain
c) when you rub a mineral against glazed procelain
d) when you run down the street in your underwear

Which luster would describe a mineral that isn't shiny
a) dull
b) metallic
c) submetallic
d) waxy

Which of the following is incorrect
a) density is mass divided by volume
b) volume is how much space something takes up
c) mass is how much something weighs
d) none of the choices

A mineral has a mass of 60 g and a volume of 12 cm3. What is its density?
a) 5 g/cm3
b) 48 g/cm3
c) 0.2 g/cm3
d) 72 g/cm3

Which mineral can scratch all minerals?
a) diamond
b) feldspar
c) calcite
d) talc

How many types of crystal systems are there?
a) 6
b) 5
c) 4
d) 3

Which occurs when a mineral splits easily?
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) hardness
d) softness

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