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Over time mountains form on Earth\'s surface because of
a) constructive forces
b) energy from the sun
c) destructive forces
d) gravity

The type of Earth scientist who studies the universe beyond the Earth is a(n)
a) astronomer
b) geologist
c) oceanographer
d) meteorologist

Which is not a sphere?
a) Hydrosphere
b) Biosphere
c) Listerinosphere
d) Atmosphere

The three big ideas of Earth science are?
a) structure, history, and place in the universe
b) structure, inside the Earth, and place in the universe
c) history, inside the Earth, and place in the universe
d) structure, history, and inside the Earth

The part of Earth that deals with living things is the
a) Biosphere
b) Atmosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Lithosphere

A model in Earth science cannot be
a) a topographic map
b) a globe
c) a fashion model
d) a simplified representation of an object or process

A model is best used for
a) all the choices
b) to test a hypothesis
c) to understand things that are unable to be observed directly
d) to understand things that are complex

Which branches of Earth science apply when measuring atmospheric temperature on other planets?
a) meteorology and astronomy
b) meteorology and oceanography
c) astronomy and oceanography
d) astronomy and geology

Why is Earth a system?
a) It's been around for millions of years
b) Its parts work together as a whole
c) It's made of different layers of rock
d) None of the choices

Earthquakes form on Earth\'s surface because of
a) destructive forces
b) constructive forces
c) energy from the sun
d) gravity

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