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Which is not a step when drawing a graph
a) draw the axes
b) create the data
c) draw a line of best fit
d) add a title

Why use a line of best fit?
a) to show patterns in the data
b) to connect the dots
c) to make the data points look nice
d) to show where the data points are

Water dissolves more salt when it is hot.The amount of salt dissolved is plotted on the
a) x-axis
b) horizontal axis
c) z-axis
d) vertical axis

Plants grow taller when given more water. The amount of water given is plotted on the
a) y-axis
b) horizontal axis
c) vertical axis
d) z-axis

Less baskets are scored the farther away from the hoop someone is. What would be a good title?
a) the effect of hoop distance on number of baskets made
b) the effect of number of baskets made on hoop distance
c) the effect of hoop distance on number of slam dunks made
d) the effect of number of slam dunks made on hoop distance

What type of graph would be best to show how 1 variable responds to another?
a) line graph
b) bar graph
c) pie graph
d) none of the choices

A coordinate
a) is a pair of numbers used to determine position on a graph
b) covers the range of data collected
c) does not include the origin
d) spans from largest value to smallest value

The x-axis is also called the
a) horizontal axis
b) y-axis
c) z-axis
d) vertical axis

A title shows the effect of the ... variable on the ... variable
a) independent. responding
b) dependent. manipulated
c) independent. manipulated
d) dependent. responding

A curve is
a) a nonlinear trend
b) a linear trend
c) not a trend
d) on a road

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