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The students will eat lunch on time today is an example of a(n)
a) observation
b) hypothesis
c) question
d) prediction

When using scientific inquiry, scientists
a) always go in the exact order of steps
b) always end with communicating results
c) can use all or some of the steps
d) can only use the steps once

Which of the following is not a step in the process of scientific inquiry
a) make assumptions
b) form a hypothesis
c) collect and interpret data
d) draw conclusions

The closeness of a measurement to its true value is
a) accuracy
b) precision
c) estimate
d) prediction

Controlled experiments test
a) Only 1 variable at a time
b) 2 variables at a time
c) Only the control group
d) Only the experimental group

Hypothesis: Water can dissolve more salt when it is hot. The temperature of the water is the
a) independent or responding variable
b) independent or manipulated variable
c) dependent or responding variable
d) dependent or manipulated variable

Observations are not
a) diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world
b) information gathered with the five senses
c) accurate
d) measured, described, and recorded

A conclusion
a) is a summary of results
b) is a statement of how variables are measured
c) shows no effect from the independent variable
d) shows an effect from the independent variable only

A scientific theory
a) states why something happens
b) states how something happens
c) states what happens
d) states where something happens

Many nonscience careers require basic knowledge of science because workers must
a) develop laws and theories
b) use materials and processes that follow scientific principles
c) use the process of scientific inquiry
d) keep up with new developments in science

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