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What is geography?
a) a large sheet of ice
b) study of earth and how it's used
c) landforms of the earth
d) study of Ice Age

What helped shape landforms of NY?
a) Hudson River
b) Glaciers
c) Great Lakes
d) Mountains

What imaginary line separates the north and south into hemispheres?
a) Equator
b) Lattitude
c) Longitude
d) Region

What hemispheres can NY be found in?
a) Northern and Southern
b) Northern and Western
c) Southern and Western
d) Southern and Eastern

The natural wonder, Adirondack mountains, are located in what part of NY?
a) Western
b) Southern
c) Southeastern
d) Northeastern

THe Hudson River flows from the Adirondack Mountains south, it is the longest river in NY, what body of water does it flow into?
a) Atlantic Ocean
b) Finger Lakes
c) Lake Ontario
d) Lake Erie

What resources is renewable?
a) salt
b) oil
c) stone
d) trees

Blizzards and hurricanes both have which in common?
a) strong winds
b) heavy snow
c) heavy rain
d) occur in the summer

What region of the United States can NY be found in?
a) Southwest
b) South
c) West
d) Northeast

Which is NOT a factor that effects climate?
a) distance from the equator
b) trees and farm land
c) land elevation
d) distance from large bodies of water

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