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Is a representation of an object or process.
a) Slope
b) Deposition
c) Model
d) Delta

Is a drawing of an area showing location.
a) Map
b) 3-D
c) Slope
d) Deposition

Water creates channels and canyons begin to form in a process called_______
a) Deposition
b) Slope
c) Channel
d) Erosion

Is a line on a topographic map, that connects points of equal elevation.
a) Countour
b) Topographic map
c) Model
d) Erosion

Uses contour lines to show the shape and elevation of the land's surface.
a) Slope
b) Topographic Map
c) Contour interval
d) Landform

Is the process where sediments are eroding and being deposited elsewhere.
a) Plateau
b) Delta
c) Basin
d) Depostition

Which statement about deposition is correct?
a) Light earth materials deposit first.
b) Heavy earth materials deposit first.
c) Lighter and heavier earth materials settle at the same time.
d) Neither heavy nor light earth materials are deposited.

In the stream-table experiment, which of these can increase the amount of erosion and deposition?
a) More water
b) No slope
c) Less water
d) A dam in the water

How are canyons formed?
a) A process called depostion.
b) A process called erosion.
c) Increased slope.
d) Flooding.

Maps vs. Models, which is INCORRECT.
a) Maps: Have grids, Models: Look realistic
b) Maps: 2 Dimensional, Models: 3 Dimensional
c) Maps: Show how an object works, Models: Contain a key
d) Maps: Lenght + Width, Models: Length + Width + Height

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