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a strong snowstorm
a) blizzard
b) tornado
c) frigid
d) hurricane

cold or chilly
a) sweltering
b) nippy
c) slick
d) warm

the state of being able to see or be seen
a) audible
b) sleet
c) visibility
d) focus

rain containing some ice
a) sleet
b) chattering
c) hurricane

a) brittle
b) rough
c) tricky
d) slick

blowing in strong gusts
a) tired
b) cold
c) blustery
d) shivering

a series of quick rattling sounds
a) chattering
b) honking
c) sleet
d) blizzard

shake lightly and uncontrollably
a) rattle
b) tilt
c) brittle
d) shiver

hard, but likely to break easily
a) solid
b) nippy
c) brittle
d) gentle

extremely cold
a) nippy
b) frigid
c) condensation
d) fuming

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