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What is a fragrance?
a) a sweet or pleasant smell
b) a flower
c) a special event
d) a movie

A special event is often called a(n)?
a) event
b) costume
c) celebration
d) job

If you have different kinds of something, you have a...?
a) couple
b) variety
c) plenty
d) scarce

Something that is slightly wet is called...?
a) drenched
b) frozen
c) soaked
d) moistened

To work together means to...?
a) play
b) win
c) disagree
d) cooperate

When something is called off it it is...?
a) canceled
b) fragrance
c) cooperation
d) celebrated

A possible explanation is a(n)...?
a) explanation
b) reason
c) answer
d) theory

What is a synonym for changed?
a) dismissed
b) transformed
c) similar
d) contrast

What is a book that contains synonyms?
a) encyclopedia
b) cook book
c) dictionary
d) thesaurus

What is an event that makes something happen?
a) effect
b) synonym
c) cause
d) antonym

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