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Which plant part grows underground and helps the plant get nutrients and water?
a) stem
b) roots
c) leaf
d) flower

What do all animals need in order to survive?
a) water, hair, food, and air
b) food, water, shelter, and oxygen
c) food, warmth, sun, and eggs
d) sun, food, warmth, and shelter

What kind of food do plants make?
a) green
b) salt
c) sugar
d) water

What do all plants need in order to survive?
a) air, light, and shade
b) soil, roots, and weeds
c) soil, water, air, and light
d) water, grass, and sun

Plants can live almost anywhere on Earth. What is one way for a desert plant to have enough water?
a) It loses its leaves in the winter.
b) It uses its water only at night.
c) It catches water with its leaves.
d) It stores water in a thick stem.

What do plants give off during photosynthesis?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) sunlight
d) water

How are roots like stems?
a) both are green
b) both move water
c) both make food
d) both grow under the ground

How can plants cause harm?
a) We get food from them.
b) We make cloth from them.
c) They can make us have allergy problems.
d) They can be used to make medicines.

Which is a way by which scientists group plants?
a) by root length
b) by leaf type
c) by plant height
d) by color

Which of the following describes deciduous trees?
a) They make food in the winter.
b) They stay green all year long.
c) They lose their leaves each fall.
d) They have leaves shaped like needles

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