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When are our seminars held?
a) Wednesdays from 9-10 p.m. ET
b) Wednesdays from 9-10 p.m. Pacitic Time
c) Wednesdays from 10-11 p.m. ET
d) Intermittently

To use office hours, students need to open...
a) AIM
b) Google Chat
c) A Kaplan chat room
d) The door

If I forget a start or end date, I can find it
a) Under the bed
b) In DocSharing
c) At the end of the syllabus, in the "Ask the Prof" FAQ section, and in the Unit 1 seminar archive.
d) In a Google search

If I forget what assignments are coming, I can find it
a) In the syllabus "Cliff Notes" section and on the course page
b) In a document mailed to my home
c) In the textbook
d) Only on the course page

If I transfer to another school or go to graduate school, my syllabus might be useful for
a) Lining the birdcage
b) Fondly remembering my happy days at Kaplan
c) Evaluating course equivalency for credit transfers
d) Impressing friends and neighbors

I struggle with written assignments. I can get help
a) through the course page, using resources on the syllabus, by contacting The Writing Center, and from my instructor
b) In my dreams
c) By delaying until panic sets in
d) By pretending that everyone else already knows everything about writing

The letter to percent grade scale is
a) A cpmplete mystery
b) Different for every assignment
c) Based on the European system
d) Included in the syllabus

Incompletes must be requested by
a) Dec. 9, 2008
b) Feb. 9, 2009
c) No set date
d) The end of the course

Late work (not incomplete work if an incomplete was approved )must be completed by
a) The end of Unit 8
b) The end of the course
c) The end of Unit 9
d) No set time

The last day to submit approved incomplete work is
a) Feb. 27, 2009
b) Feb 9, 2009
c) The end of Unit 9
d) Before the snow falls

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