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This scandal over a demanded bribe led to a near war with France
a) XYZ Affair
b) ABC Affair
c) Ill gotten gains affair
d) Haribou Scandal

Favored the South, farming, France, and a weak central government
a) Federalists
b) Democratic Republicans
c) Whigs
d) Loyalists

Favored the North, industry, Britain, and a strong central government
a) Federalists
b) Democratic Republicans
c) Whigs
d) Loyalists

This rebellion proved the effectiveness of the new constitution...
a) Shay's Rebellion
b) Stono Rebellion
c) Bacon's Rebellion
d) Whiskey Rebellion

Washington set all of the following precedents EXCEPT:
a) 2 terms in office
b) Appointment of a cabinet
c) work with Legislative branch
d) creation of political parties

Which statement best describes the foreign policy of Washington's Administration?
a) Pro - France
b) Pro - England
c) Pro - Spain
d) Neutral

Why did the election of 1796 lead to the passage of the 12th Amendment?
a) The electoral votes were too close to count
b) The Pres. and VP were from different political parties
c) Only white males could vote
d) Many votes were thrown out

Which best describes the Alien and Sedition Acts?
a) Attempt by government to capture space aliens
b) Attempt by government to limit immigration and criticism against government
c) Attempt to limit British criticism of government
d) Attempt to win re-election

Nullification was first presented in...
a) Federalist Papers
b) Anti-Federalist Papers
c) KY and VA Resolutions
d) the Constitution

The 2nd President of the US was...
a) Jefferson
b) Madison
c) Hamilton
d) Adams

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