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The Great Compromise settled what issue at the Const. Convention?
a) Representation
b) War with Britiain
c) Economics
d) Slavery

The 3/5 Compromise settled what major issue at the Constitutional Convention?
a) Representation
b) War with Britain
c) Economics
d) Slavery

These were written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay to encourage ratification.
a) Anti-Federalist Papers
b) Federalist Papers
c) Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer
d) Patriot Manifesto

This is the name for powers of the government listed specifically in the Constitution
a) enumerated
b) reserved
c) implied
d) individual

This is the name for powers of the government held by both Federal and State govs
a) Reserved
b) Implied
c) Concurrent
d) Individual

This is the name of powers not specifically stated, but defined by the "necessary and proper" clause
a) Reserved
b) Implied
c) Concurrent
d) Individual

Interpretation of the Constitution is left to...
a) The Individual
b) Congress
c) The President
d) The Supreme Court

The 1st Amendment guarantees all of the following rights EXCEPT

The idea that government cannot seize your property without paying for it is called
a) due process
b) habeas corpus
c) grand jury
d) eminent domain

All of the following are specifically guaranteed by the Bill of Rights EXCEPT:
a) no cruel punishments
b) right to remain silent
c) no illegal searches
d) right to low cost health care

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