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a way of life shared by many people?
a) Travois
b) Pueblo
c) Culture
d) Surplus

Treeless Plain that is frozen all year long?
a) Plain
b) Plateau
c) Kiva
d) tundra

These small boats were made of animal skin and used by tribes up north? You may also see me in one of these over the summer.
a) Boston Wailer
b) Kayak
c) Jet Ski
d) Canoe

A very lite form of shelter that could be packed up in a moments notice? It is made out of Buffalo gide.
a) Long House
b) Wigwam
c) Pueblo
d) Teepee

Sun dried bricks are also known as?
a) Adobe
b) artifacts
c) Kiva
d) Potlatch

The leader of a tribe for the Iroquois is usually referred to as a?
a) Potlatch
b) Kiva
c) Travois
d) Sachem

Raised roads made out of the earth are called?
a) Turnpikes
b) Highways
c) Causeways
d) Expressways

To have total authority over the people is to have?
a) Doulos Power
b) Absolute Power
c) Major Power
d) quantom power

When you have extra of something?
a) Surplus
b) enough
c) Terraces
d) Aquaducts

A sled where the people of the Great Plains placed their belongings on?
a) Side Car
b) Travois
c) Potlatch
d) Kiva

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