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Which organism is considered an exception to the cell theory because it has a noncellular structure?
a) alga
b) bacterium
c) virus
d) moss

An organelle that releases energy for metabolic activity in a nerve cell is the
a) chloroplast
b) mitochondrion
c) ribosome
d) vacuole

the respiratory system includes a layer of cells in the air passages that clean the air before it gets to the lungs. This layer of cells is classified as
a) a tissue
b) an organ
c) an organelle
d) an organ system

every living cell contains molecules of
a) cellulose
b) chlorophyll
c) protein
d) hemoglobin

Cell organelles may be separated according to their densities by the use of
a) a compound light microscope
b) an ultracentrfiuge
c) an electron microscope
d) a microdissection instrument

All enzymes are examples of organic molecules known as
a) proteins
b) carbohydrates
c) lipids
d) nucleic acids

The shape, size, and internal structure of the mitochondrion have been revealed by
a) studies of the chemical activity of enzymes
b) the development of wet mount techniques
c) detailed studies of chromosomes
d) electron-microscope studies

Most of the herditary information that determines the traits of an organism is located in
a) only the cells of an individual produced by meiosis
b) the nuclei of body cells of an individual
c) certain genes in the vacuoles of body cells
d) the numerous ribosomes in certain cells

In a cell, information that controls the production of proteins must pass from the nucleus to the
a) cell membrane
b) chloroplasts
c) mitochondria
d) ribosomes

Homeostasis in unicellular organisms depends on the proper functioning of
a) organelles
b) insulin
c) guard cells
d) antibodies

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