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Where does absorption occur?
a) small intestine
b) large intestine
c) oesophagus
d) trachea

What is the SA node also known as?
a) Pacemaker
b) Atrial ventricular nerve
c) Vagus nerve
d) Tricuspid

Which cells does HIV target?
a) Helper T-cells
b) B lymphocytes
c) Memory cells
d) Phagocytes

What is the best defense against infection?
a) The skin
b) Mucus
c) Acid
d) Cilia

Something that elicits an immune response is called...
a) an antigen
b) an antibody
c) an antibiotic
d) an antiseptic

Which is the correct order?
a) Trachea, bronchus, bronchioles, alveoli
b) Trachea, bronchioles, alveoli, bronchus
c) Alveoli, bronchus, bronchioles, trachea
d) Bronchus, bronchioles, alveoli, trachea

In order to inhale, the external intercostal muscles must...
a) contract
b) relax
c) stretch
d) tighten

Neurons communicate with each other with
a) neurotransmitters
b) chemicals
c) synapsis
d) water

Amino acids are to proteins as glucose is to
a) starch
b) lipids
c) maltose
d) polypeptides

Which cells produce glucagon?
a) alpha cells
b) beta cells
c) delta cells
d) gamma cells

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